CBT Download\Use Instructions

Important Deadlines
2/21/2018 11:59 PM EST
2/27/2018 11:00 PM EST

1. Remove any versions of SofTest from your PC \Mac.
2. Consult Examplify's minimum system requirements for your PC\ Mac
NOTE: IPad devices are not compatible for bar examination testing.
3. Go to Pennsylvania's Examplify download site.
4. Enter your assigned ID and password for Pennsylvania, then click 'Login'.
5. Follow the onscreen instructions to install and register Examplify (Example instructions).
6. Select the jurisdiction of "Pennsylavnia Board of Law Examiners (pabar)" when registering the software.
7. Take and upload the TWO mock exams for Pennsylvania.
NOTE: The password to open the MockExams is 'mock123'.
8. Check your email\ text messages for confirmations on exam uploads and registration status.
9. Exit Examplify by using the "X" close button (PC example\ Mac example). Do NOT log out of the software, as Internet access will not be available at the exam site to log back into the software.
10. Test the software often in the weeks\days leading up to the exam. If you have any problems, consult ExamSoft's support portal.