Character and Fitness FAQ's

  1. Who Will be recommended for admission to the bar?
  2. What are the character and fitness standards?
  3. What is conduct showing a potential deficiency in the necessary qualities of honesty, trustworthiness, diligence or reliability?
  4. How does the Board conduct further inquiry?
  5. How does the Board determine the appropriate weight and significance to be given the prior conduct?
  6. What can I do if my record includes problems or events which might cause the Board to inquire further?
  7. Why is evidence of rehabilitation so important?
  8. What kind of inquiry will be conducted if I have had a history of drug or alcohol abuse or addiction, or treatment for either?
  9. Will it delay my admission if I seek alcohol or drug treatment during law school?
  10. What kind of inquiry will be conducted if my record includes a history of psychiatric or psychological counseling?
  11. Why does the Board inquire about misdemeanor or felony arrests which did not result in convictions?
  12. Do I have to disclose incidents from when I was a juvenile or those that were expunged?
  13. Why are financial problems, such as past-due debts or an old bankruptcy, relevant to my admission?
  14. I have been asked to submit a personal statement. What is that?
  15. Why is the most common reason for denial of a bar applicant?
  16. When is the character and fitness determination made?
  17. What happens if an applicant is denied a certification recommending admission to the bar for based upon character and fitness?
  18. Rehabilitation
  19. Additional Questions