Fingerprinting and Criminal History Search

As part of the character and fitness review, all applicants and reapplicants must submit fingerprints for the purpose of the Board verifying their identity and obtaining a current record of any criminal history.

As a matter of information, the FBI Privacy Act Statement and the Noncriminal Justice Applicant’s Privacy Rights brochure are available on the National Crime Prevention and Privacy Compact Council’s public website.

Beginning the Process

(Out of State Residents: Please see the note below)

When the Board accepts your application, it will pre-enroll you for fingerprinting with IdentoGO, the official state contractor for fingerprinting in Pennsylvania. Subsequently, you will receive an email from IdentoGO prompting you to set up an appointment for fingerprinting. This email will come from The email will include your unique identification code (your UE ID) and a link to the company’s webpage to make an appointment. Using this link with your UE ID included is the easiest way to find your pre-enrollment record and make an appointment.

The Board will also send you a message through its secure system that has your UE ID and service code. With this information, you will be able to go directly to the website, enter your service code, choose “Schedule or Manage Appointment,” choose “UE ID / Date of Birth”, and enter in this information to access the service.

By either means, you will need to complete the rest of the registration information on the IdentoGO website and choose the location, date and time to have your fingerprints taken. You will receive a confirmation email from

There is no deadline by which an applicant must have his/her fingerprints taken. The Board will not receive your criminal history record until you do, and a late receipt of your record may delay your character and fitness investigation.

Getting Fingerprinted

You must bring government-issued photo identification with you to the scanning center. Most people bring a valid passport or driver’s license. Also, if your name does not match your photo Identification, you will need to bring an original or certified copy of the court documents related to your name change. When you register on the company’s website, take note of the list of allowable identification forms.

Bring a copy of the appointment email or know your UE ID.

Effective August 1, 2022, the proceesing fee that applicants must pay at the scanning center is $22.25. Personal checks will not be accepted. Credit cards, money orders, cashier’s checks and checks will be accepted.

Out-of-State Residents

Applicants residing out-of-state with ready access to an IdentoGO location (see the IdentoGo locations list to check for locations near you) should follow the instructions above. Applicants without ready access to an IdentoGO location must still have their fingerprints processed by IdentoGO, as it is the Pennsylvania government’s channeler of federal criminal justice data. To do this without access to an IdentoGO location, you must find a vendor that offers to do traditional ink fingerprinting. Vendors such as Accurate Biometrics, Identico, SAFEsky, and some local law enforcement agencies will roll your prints. The fingerprints must be on an FBI fingerprint card (FD-258), available at the FBI's file repository website, which you may print out on standard white paper. After obtaining the prints, applicants should follow the same process as described above for accessing their pre-enrollment record on the IdentoGO website, but should choose “Submit a Fingerprint Card by Mail,” instead of “Schedule or Manage Appointment.” Complete the registration process and pay online. Print out the pre-enrollment confirmation page, which includes a bar code, and sign it.

Complete the personal information on the fingerprint card, and mail it, along with the signed, pre-enrollment confirmation page:

Cardscan Department – Pennsylvania Program
340 Seven Springs Way, Suite 250
Brentwood, TN 37027

Criminal History Results

Criminal History results will be automatically sent to the Board of Law Examiners. IdentoGO will not be able to give you the results of your background check. Thank you for not calling the Board office to confirm documentation receipt.