<Information for February 2022 Bar Examinees

February 2022 Exam Administration Information

The Pennsylvania Board of Law Examiners will administer the bar exam to all candidates in person in Pittsburgh and Lancaster on Tuesday, February 22 and Wednesday, February 23, 2022. The exam will consist of six essay questions, one performance test, and the Multistate Bar Exam (200 multiple-choice questions). Candidates with a preference to handwrite the written component may register to do so.

The Board closely monitors public health recommendations. At this time masks are required, and there is no limitation or recommendation to prevent the administration of the exam in person. To allow for social distancing, the Board has imposed seating limits at both sites. Applicants will be assigned to their preferred location based on availability of remaining seats at the time they file their application (i.e., submit their online bar application and pay the corresponding filing fee). The application window will close on December 15, 2021, or when both locations have reached capacity, whichever happens first.

The Board may impose additional requirements to sit for the exam to protect the health and safety of examinees, proctors, and staff, including requiring examinees submit a negative COVID-test result. Candidates must monitor this page for updates.

If COVID or similar circumstances are such that the Board decides to administer the exam in remote format: the Board will suspend its approval of preferences for handwriting; all examinees will test according to computer-based-testing (CBT) specifications necessary for the remote exam, and will be required to pay the CBT fee to participate. If necessary, the remote exam will likely require three days of testing, and begin on Monday of the same week. Both the schedule and the structure of the exam could change in such a case. In any event, those qualifying for non-standard testing conditions will be accommodated consistent with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Should the Board decide to administer the exam in a remote format or impose additional requirements to prevent the spread of COVID-19, applicants will be given an opportunity to defer their registration to the next examination. In that event, Applicants who want to defer their registration must submit a written request to the Board by its stated deadline or the applicant will waive this option to defer.