Pennsylvania Bar Examination Results

February 2024

The Pennsylvania Board of Law Examiners congratulates all applicants who were successful on the Pennsylvania Bar Examination.

Links to the names of the successful applicants are below.

Select the link containing the first letter of your last name.

Press Release and Successful Applicants Documents:

Although many of the applicants whose names appear on the list have met all of the admission requirements, not all have done so. Therefore, some of the listed individuals are not presently eligible for admission to practice law. As such individuals satisfy the admissions requirements, they will be issued a certificate recommending their admission to the bar of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Those whose names appear on the list must wait until they receive official written notification of their eligibility, and have complied with the admission procedures required by the Supreme Court, before engaging in the practice of law in Pennsylvania.

Results for the bar examination were released on Friday, April 12, 2024. The Board will provide official result packets through each applicant’s Online Bar Application website account. This packet will indicate whether your character and fitness determination is complete. Please DO NOT call the Board office to confirm if your character and fitness determination is complete.

Results are not released over the telephone.