What are examples of conduct that would be of concern to the Board?

The following are examples of conduct that if disclosed to or discovered by the Board will cause the Board to investigate further before it makes any determinations about recommending admission:

  1. unlawful conduct
  2. academic misconduct
  3. employment misconduct
  4. making false statement(s), including the omission of relevant facts
  5. acts involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation
  6. abuse of legal process
  7. neglect of financial responsibilities, especially failure to repay student loans
  8. neglect of professional obligations
  9. violation of an order of a court
  10. evidence of mental or emotional instability as it relates to the ability to practice law
  11. evidence of current or recent dependency on a substance such as alcohol, a narcotic, an illicit drug, or a mood altering substance, or evidence of current or recent abuse of such a substance or a prescription drug
  12. denial of admission to the bar in another jurisdiction on character and fitness grounds
  13. disciplinary action by a lawyer disciplinary agency or other professional disciplinary agency of any jurisdiction