Employment - Performance

Question from Online Bar Application:

Have you ever been confronted, questioned, counseled, or approached by an employer, supervisor, teacher or other educator about your truthfulness, your excessive absence, your inability to work with others, the manner in which you handled or preserved the money or property of others, the thoroughness and/or timeliness of your preparation of work and/or your work itself, your competence, your promptness, your diligence, and/or your ability to maintain the confidentiality of information? (This does NOT include constructive criticism.)

Instruction from Online Bar Application:

If you answer "Yes" to this question, you must enter a detailed explanation of each incident including the date, name, the position of the person(s) who made the statements to you, the circumstances, and the outcome. You must also provide the address, telephone number and the fax number for your employer.

Additionally, if you received a letter of reprimand or any other written documentation of any adverse employment action, please send a copy of all written documentation of each incident.