Academic Records – Discipline

Question from Online Bar Application:

Have you ever been denied enrollment, dismissed, suspended, expelled, subject to discipline, including disciplinary probation for plagiarism, cheating, dishonesty, fraud, or any other reason, or withdrawn in lieu of discipline from any academic institution or organization, beyond high school, for any reason (does NOT include academic discipline or probation for poor or failing grades)?

Instruction from Online Bar Application:

If you answer "Yes" to this question, you must provide a detailed explanation of each incident including the date, place, nature of the offense, names of the authorities involved, disposition, and sanction(s). Please provide a separate explanation for each incident.

Additionally, you must submit copies of any reports, recommendations or sanctions by any disciplinary or honor code committee documenting the misconduct and imposition of discipline. In instances of plagiarism, please also include a copy of the plagiarized paper.