Financial – Past-due Accounts

Question from Online Bar Application:

Do you currently have any debts in arrears (e.g., 120+ days past due, charge offs, bad debts/loss write offs) and/or unpaid claims against you? This includes delinquent student loans, child or spousal support, court ordered fines, costs, restitution or judgments. This does not include student loans in deferment.

Instruction from Online Bar Application:

If you answer "Yes" to this question, provide a separate explanation for each past-due account. You must provide the date that the obligation was incurred, the amount borrowed, the amount paid, and the efforts that have been made to repay the obligation.

Additionally, you must send the Board office copies of any agreements made with credit institutions outlining payment schedules and a copy of the three most recent monthly payments on all past due or collection accounts.

Even if you are not able to negotiate a repayment plan with your creditors on past due accounts, the Board office encourages applicants to demonstrate their financial responsibility by making a good faith effort to pay whatever they can afford on past due and collection accounts on a monthly basis and to verify those payments to the Board.