Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination Information - Non Exam

By Order of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, an applicant must take the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE) and achieve a minimum scaled score of 75 in order to be admitted to the bar of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The MPRE is offered by the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE). Information about registering for the exam is available on the NCBE’s website.

Currently, there is no time limit for taking the MPRE prior to filing an application for admission on motion to the bar of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Applicants must achieve the minimum scaled score of 75 prior to release of your certificate recommending admission.

Applicants must provide verification of their MPRE score for admission to the bar of Pennsylvania If your MPRE score was earned during or after 1999, you must request that your MPRE score be sent directly to the board office from the NCBE. The NCBE provides reports of scores earned in 1999 or later. Consult the NCBE’s website for information on score reports.

If your score was earned prior to 1999, you may provide either of the following to the board as verification of your score:

  1. a report generated by a jurisdiction in which you are admitted demonstrating that you submitted proof of a score of 75 or better to the jurisdiction
  2. OR

  3. proof that a requirement was in place at the time of your admission to another jurisdiction that admission required a 75 or better on the MPRE and proof that you were successfully admitted.