Bar Exam Dates

The following is a list of bar exam dates for the next four years. As a rule, the bar exam is always held on the last Tuesday and Wednesday of every February and July. For more information on the bar examination please consult the Bar Exam Overview. For standard bar exam fees, please consult the fee schedule.


Dates of Exam

Expected Application Availability
February 2014

Tue. Feb. 25th - Wed. Feb. 26th
Early September 2013

July 2014

Tue. July 29th - Wed. July 30th
Early January 2014

February 2015

Tue. Feb. 24th - Wed. Feb. 25th
Early September 2014

July 2015

Tue. July 28th - Wed. July 29th
Early January 2015

February 2016

Tue. Feb. 23rd - Wed. Feb 24th
Early September 2015

July 2016

Tue. July 26th - Wed. July 27th
Early January 2016

February 2017

Tue. Feb. 21st - Wed. Feb. 22nd
Early September 2016

July 2017

Tue. July 25th - Wed. July 26th
Early January 2017