Rule 104

Pennsylvania Board of Law Examiners

(a) General Rule. The Supreme Court shall appoint a board to be known as the "Pennsylvania Board of Law Examiners" which shall consist of seven members of the bar of this Commonwealth, one of whom shall be designated by the Court as Chairman and another as Vice-Chairman. Judges shall be eligible for appointment to the Board.

(b) Terms; Quorum. The regular terms of members of the Board shall be for three years and members shall be eligible for reappointment, limited to two consecutive terms. Four members shall constitute a quorum.

(c) Powers and Duties. The Board shall have the power and duty:

(1) To appoint an Executive Director, Counsel, and such other officers and staff as may from time to time be required to perform properly the functions prescribed by orders of the Court and these rules.

(2) To adopt rules pertaining to the admission to the bar and the practice of law not inconsistent with these rules. Such rules may provide for the delegation to one or more members of the Board, or to a hearing officer appointed by the Board, of the functions of the Board under Rule 213 (relating to hearings before the Board).

(3) To recommend the admission of persons to the bar and the practice of law.

(4) To exercise the powers and perform the duties vested in and imposed upon the Board by law.
The Board shall have broad and plenary power to act within the jurisdiction committed to it as justice may require.

Note: Derived from former Supreme Court Rules 7 and 15. In view of the abolition of the former county boards of law examiners the word "Pennsylvania" has been substituted for "State" in the title of the Board. Financial matters are now covered by Rule 401 (relating to expenses).

Adopted July 1, 1972. Amended June 6, 1977; April 6, 1990, imd. effective; April 21, 1992, imd. effective.