Listing of All Rules and Regulations

Subchapter A: Preliminary Provisions

Rule 101: Title and Citation of Rules.
Rule 102: Definitions.
Rule 103: Authority for and Effect of Rules.
Rule 104: Pennsylvania Board of Law Examiners.
Rule 105: Civil Immunity of the Board of Law Examiners, Its Members, Employees and Agents and Entities Providing Information Regarding an Applicant to the Board.

Subchapter B: Admission to the Bar Generally

In General
Rule 201: Bar of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
Rule 202: Admission to the Bar.
Rule 203: Admission of Graduates of Accredited and Unaccredited Institutions.
Rule 204: Admission of Domestic Attorneys.
Rule 205: Admission of Foreign Attorneys and Graduates of Foreign Institutions.
Rule 206: Disqualification of an Applicant.

Proceedings Before Board
Rule 211: Submission of Application to the Board.
Rule 212: Consideration by the Board.
Rule 213: Hearings Before the Board.
Rule 214: Action by the Board.

Review By Supreme Court
Rule 221: Marking of Bar Examination Papers.
Rule 222: Review of Other Board Determinations.

Admission To Practice
Rule 231: Motions for Admission.
Rule 232: Effect of Admission to Practice.

Subchapter C: Restricted Practices of Law In General

In General
Rule 301: Admission Pro Hac Vice.
Rule 302: Limited In-House Corporate Counsel Licenses.
Rule 303: Limited Admission of Military Attorneys.

Attorney Participants In Defender Or Legal Services Program
Rule 311: Attorney Participants in Defender or Legal Services Programs.

Certified Legal Interns
Rule 321: Requirements for Formal Participation in Legal Matters by Law Students.
Rule 322: Authorized Activities of Certified Legal Interns.

Persons Specially Admitted Prior To Constitution of 1968
Rule 331: Persons Specially Admitted by Local Rules.

Foreign Legal Consultants
Rule 341: Licensing of Foreign Legal Consultants. (Effective September 1, 2005)
Rule 342: Practice by Foreign Legal Consultants. (Effective September 1, 2005)

Rule 371: Saving Provision.
Rule 372: Formerly Admitted Attorneys.

Subchapter D: Miscellaneous Provisions

Misc. Provisions
Rule 401: Expenses and Staff.
Rule 402: Confidentiality.