Rule 222

Review of Other Board Determinations

(a) General Rule. Except as prescribed by Rule 221 (relating to marking of bar examination papers) any final determination of the Board may be reviewed by the Supreme Court.

(b) Preliminary Procedures. Any person desiring to seek judicial review of a determination of the Board shall, within 30 days after service of notice of such determination, file with the Board a written notice of intention to seek judicial review thereof. Not later than 60 days after the filing of such notice the Board shall enter and serve:

(1) A formal adjudication complying with the provisions of Rule 1925 of the Pennsylvania Rules of Appellate Procedure (relating to opinion in support of order).

(2) A list of all documents, transcripts of testimony, if any, exhibits and other materials comprising the record before the Board in the matter.
(c) Filing Petition for Review. The entry of the formal adjudication as prescribed in Subdivision (b) of this rule shall be deemed the entry of a quasi-judicial order for the purposes of the Pennsylvania Rules of Appellate Procedure and a petition for review of such order may be filed with the Prothonotary within the time and in the manner prescribed by such rules. Upon service of the petition for review the Board shall forthwith file the record in the matter with the Prothonotary.

(d) Briefing. The petitioner shall serve and file his or her brief no later than 30 days after the petition for review is filed. No answer to the petition need be filed by the Board, but the Board shall within 30 days after service of the brief of the petitioner either file a brief or a letter stating that the Board relies upon the discussion set forth in its formal adjudication.

(e) In Forma Pauperis Procedure Applicable. Unless otherwise ordered by the Court, in forma pauperis procedures shall be applicable to all proceedings under this rule.

(f) Review and Action by Supreme Court. The Supreme Court shall review the record and enter an appropriate order. Unless otherwise ordered, matters arising under these rules will be considered without oral argument.

Note: 42 Pa.C.S. § 725(4) (relating to direct appeals from constitutional and judicial agencies) provides that the Supreme Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction of appeals from final orders of the Pennsylvania Board of Law Examiners. The rule is based on former Supreme Court Rule 14B as modified by the Pennsylvania Rules of Appellate Procedure and makes no change in substance.

Adopted July 1, 1972. Amended June 6, 1977.