Rule 206

Admission by Bar Examination Score Transfer

Applicants may apply for admission to the bar of the courts of this Commonwealth using a Uniform Bar Examination (UBE) score earned in another jurisdiction provided that the applicant meets the requirements below.

(a) Score Requirements.

(1) The UBE score must meet or exceed that established by the Court as the minimum passing score for applicants sitting for the bar exam at the time the applicant files an application for admission under this rule; and

(2) No more than 30 months have passed from the first day of the UBE that resulted in the score the applicant seeks to transfer.
(b) Applicant Requirements

(1) Provide supplemental documentation as the Board directs in support of the application for admission by UBE transfer within six months from the date of filing the application; and

(2) Satisfy the requirements of Paragraphs (a), (b)(2) and (b)(3) of Rule 203.
(c) Administrative withdrawal. The Board will deem the application administratively withdrawn if the applicant fails to meet (b)(1) of this rule. In the event the Board deems an application administratively withdrawn, the applicant will be required to reapply and successfully meet all of the requirements for admission to the bar in order for the Board to issue a certificate recommending the applicant’s admission to the bar.
(d) Subsequent hearing after Board denial. If the executive director issues an initial denial per Pa. B.A.R. 213(a) and the Board, after a hearing pursuant to Pa.B.A.R. 213, also declines to issue a certificate recommending admission, the applicant may be permitted to submit a supplemental application to seek a subsequent hearing before the Board if 36 months have not passed from the first day of the examination from which the applicant is seeking to transfer the score.

Official Note: In accordance with the requirement in Pa.B.A.R. 203(a)(2)(i), graduates of foreign law schools must also meet the requirements of Pa.B.A.R. 205 – Admission by Bar Examination for Graduates of Foreign Law Schools – to transfer a score under this rule.

Prior Rule 206 (Disqualification of an Applicant), has been renumbered as Rule 207. Adopted Jan. 4, 2022, effective Jan. 12, 2022