Rule 331

Persons Specially Admitted by Local Rules

(a) General Rule. Any person specially admitted to practice law on or before April 23, 1968 may continue to practice in the court of Common Pleas or in that division of the court of Common Pleas and the Philadelphia Municipal Court which substantially includes the practice for which such person was specially admitted.

(b) Registration of Persons Claiming Special Admission Status. The Administrative Office shall prepare and include with the 1978 annual distribution of forms to attorneys under Enforcement Rule 219 (relating to periodic assessment of attorneys) a questionnaire designed to elicit the name of each specially admitted attorney claiming the right to practice law under Subdivision (a) of this rule and the division or divisions, if any, of the courts of this Commonwealth in which the right to practice law is claimed under such provision. Any person who fails or refuses to complete and return such questionnaire by October 15, 1978 shall be conclusively deemed to have waived and surrendered all rights under such subdivision to practice law in this Commonwealth as a specially admitted attorney.

Note: Based on Section 29 of the Schedule to the Judiciary Article and 42 Pa.C.S. § 2523 (relating to persons specially admitted by local rules).

Adopted July 1, 1972. Amended June 6, 1977.