205 - Admission by Bar Examination for Graduates with Foreign Law Degrees

Interpretation of Rule 205

There Are No Refunds or Transfers of Applications and/or fees.

All bar exam applicants must complete and submit the appropriate bar application via online filing. The Board has established strict application filing deadlines and fees. The Board has three late filing deadlines; however, there are substantial late filing fee penalties, and no exceptions are granted to the filing deadlines. To see which exam is currently available for online filing, please consult the list of exam dates and application availabilities.

Background information pertaining to character, education, employment, military service, financial responsibility and criminal history will be required in conjunction with the application. As you answer questions in the application, a checklist will develop to indicate the documents you will be required to submit to the Board. This supplementary documentation may be sent after the filing deadline. Please print the checklist when you are finished with the application. If you require nonstandard testing accommodations (NTA), please read the Board's policy on NTA.

The application, and all supplementary and third party materials (if applicable) comprise the application file. The Board staff reviews the application file to determine other means of investigation necessary for the Executive Director to provide the initial character and fitness determination.

Please read the Board's statement on candor before beginning your online application. By clicking the "I Agree - Start Application" button below, you are attesting that you have read and understand all of these terms.