Computer Based Testing (CBT) Fees

There Are No Refunds or Transfers of Applications and/or fees.

To enroll in CBT, you should select that you wish to use it for the essay/PT portion of the Bar Examination DURING the filing of your online application. You should remit payment for CBT via credit card, money order, or certified check with your bar application fee(s). If you pay your bar application fee(s) by a form of payment other than credit card (i.e. certified check, cashier's check, corporate check or money order—no personal checks), and you wish to enroll in CBT, you should include the cost of your CBT fee in the check or money order you obtain to pay for your bar application fee(s).

To confirm whether you signed up for CBT, check your application. If it shows that you requested CBT and you paid by credit card, you have already submitted your request and fee. If you paid by check or money order, check your application and review your payment voucher to see an itemized list of fees.

To enroll in CBT after your online application has been submitted, you must send an amendment form requesting CBT and submit it with the appropriate late fee by the deadlines listed below to the board office. Late CBT requests must be paid by certified check, cashier's check, corporate check or money order. Personal checks will not be accepted. CBT enrollment will not be permitted after the deadlines listed below. There are no refunds or transfers of applications and/or fees.

CBT Fees and Deadlines


CBT request & fee submitted with bar application


CBT request and/or fee submitted after bar application
Accompanied with an Amendment Form

CBT request and fee must be sent and postmarked

February exam: January 6

July exam: June 6

No CBT submissions will be accepted after the final deadline

Accompanied with an Amendment Form