Court Related – Civil Proceedings

Question from Online Bar Application:

Have you ever been named as a party to any civil proceeding or has any civil proceeding been instituted by you, on your behalf, or against you including, but not limited to, suits in equity, actions at law, statutory proceedings, or any other civil or administrative proceeding? Do NOT include divorce proceedings or minor motor vehicle accidents.

Instruction from Online Bar Application:

If you answer "Yes" to this question and if you were a plaintiff or defendant in any lawsuit, you must provide a detailed explanation of the circumstances, including the dates, caption, court and docket numbers for all civil proceedings.

Additionally, if you were a defendant in a lawsuit, please provide this office with a copy of the civil complaint, answer, disposition and docket entries for each individual lawsuit. This does not include divorce proceedings or minor motor vehicle accidents.

If you do not have this documentation, you must make a written request to the appropriate court office to obtain the required documents. You may also try to obtain these documents from your attorney. If the court no longer has these documents, please send this office a copy of your written request for this information and the court's written response to your request stating that the documents are no longer available.